Recruitment Process

Selection of candidates

  1. On receipt of recruitment permission from the Ministry or Labor the PIES publishes an advertisement in the newspapers to collect applications from interested and qualified persons. Application thus received/collected are scrutinized by a committee for short listing as per the requirements of the employer. Particulars of short listed applicants are sent to the employer if so advised or are kept, ready for interview and final selection by the employer’s selection team.

  2. The employer or his representatives then carry on interview and final selection of candidates for which the Agent provides all necessary assistance and logistics.

Medical Examination

Persons finally selected will be mobilized to medical examination in an authorized hospital or clinic, Only candidates found physically fit for foreign employment are eligible to sign employment contract.
Time Required for Recruitment

After receiving all necessary documents we will be able to dispatch the recruited person within one month.

Departure Formalities

  1. Passports: PIES assists the selected candidates to get their passports as quickly as possible.

  2. Visa: PIES arranges the stamping of visas on the passports of the selected workers with the co-operation of the employer.
  3. Ticketing and immigration clearance:

    The employer are required to send PTA final for the selected candidates. The employer may remit necessary traveling of the selected candidates. PIES obtains necessary emigration clearance from the Department of Labour and completes all formalities for departure.

  4. Orientation before departure:

    PIES provides basic orientation to selected workers before traveling abroad. During this orientation the workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and a first hand information on work environment there and salient features of about laws of the country of employment.

Guarantee : 

  1. PIES is responsible to send manpower (workers) in time except under uncontrolled situation like unavailability of air ticket or other Embassy reason.
  2. PIES is liable to take all responsibilities to take back the technically unfit and unable worker if found so by the employer.

Objectives : 

Main objective, the company is to see and legally provide employment opportunities to various categories of labour force and professional personnel to overseas countries. PIES makes all efforts to keep in touch with workers sent abroad for employment until their return home or in most case transfer to other countries as well. This company also, ensures the workers will be adequately immunized and in case of serious injuries or death the workers or their families are compensated through insurance companies. This company looks towards cooperation for the supply of Nepalese manpower force to your country. This would definitely strengthen the friendship between our two nations and support our national development scheme.

Why to Recruit from Nepal : 

Over the past years, an increasing number of employers especially from the Middle East and East Asian Countries, have shown interest in hiring Nepalese workers and many of them have shifted their attention concerning hiring of expatriate workers from a number of their original labour supply countries to Nepal. This change is due to various reasons, some of which are:

  • Nepalese workers are renowned for their hard work, loyalty and high sense of responsibility and discipline.
  • The employers do get advantage of wider choice due to availability of skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers almost in all fields and vocations who are readily available for immediate placement.

  • Procedures and formalities for recruiting Nepalese workers for overseas employment are simple
  • Nepalese workers are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other labour exporting countries.
  • Nepalese workers are experienced in working in the extreme of climatic conditions.
  • Nepalese workers are peace loving and extremely loyal to their employees and devoted to their duties.
  • Nepal is situated very close to the labour importing countries and linked by air with almost all the major cities of the world.